Sign Up for North Fork Earth Day 2021 Trash Challenge
date 04/22/2021
start time 07:00 AM
end time 08:00 PM
location Your Favorite River/Stream Spot, or Neighborhood
description Participate anytime between Thursday, April 22nd and Sunday, April 25th for this weekend of independently led, COVID-safe, trash pick-ups. Pick your spot, collect trash, and send us photos of your successes to share with the community. You can start your clean-up any time that suits you, and for as long as you want -- the choice is yours. Send your photos to us a
Please be sure to review all guidelines in our waiver and make sure to practice safe personal hygiene and social distancing before, during, and after your cleanup.
We would love to read about your event. So, feel free to send us a description of your experience. And, if you find a site for a future, organized clean-up event, let us know and we will contact you to come take a look.
We encourage you also to post your photos on social media with #northforktrashchallenge.
spaces remaining 998
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